Mid-Autumn Special - Snowskin Mooncake Baking Class

The Mid-Autumn Festival will be upon us again soon. Every bakery, hotel and restaurant in Singapore will soon be selling mooncakes. Why not learn to make your own mooncakes this year. Learn to make your very own snowskin mooncakes. 2 versions will be taught. Coming in mini size and the standard large size, the snowskin mooncake look great as gifts as well as a tasty treat for everyone.

Class Type: 
Snowskin Mini and standard size Mooncakes
- Dough (Hands On Pair/Trio)
- Filling & Moulding (Hands On Individual)

Fees: $90

Class Size: 3 to 8

Date and Time: 

15 Sep 2018 (Sat) 930 am - 1230pm


* Printed Recipes
* 8 Mini Snowskin Mooncakes
* 1 Standard Large Snowskin Mooncake
Regular price $90.00

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