About BakeAvenue & BluePeaAvenue

At BakeAvenue, we accept orders for customised macarons, cookies and cakes etc. for all types of occasions including corporate events, full-month parties, birthdays, weddings and more in Singapore. For further enquiries, please drop us a note at hello@bakeavenue.com .

What about BluePeaAvenue? A simple dalliance with our self-grown flowers turn into a passion for all things Blue Pea. We created a seriously good-looking and tasty range of bakes with the Butterfly Blue Pea Flower. And this is how Blue Pea Avenue came about. A sub-brand from BakeAvenue, Blue Pea Avenue has a fuss-free and easy-to-order bake list.

What are your key criteria when it comes to ordering bakes?

For us, we value freshness, taste and health.

Freshness - We only bake per orders and do not store cakes in advance. Thus we rarely accept last-minute orders to prioritise fulfilling our existing order schedule. We also restrict the number of orders accepted per day to ensure we maintain our quality. As a result, our customised cakes are freshly baked and always soft and moist.

Taste - Our chief baker has more than 40 years of baking experience and the quality and taste of her bakes are a top priority. The feedback from our new and returning customers are always constant like - "Your cakes are soft, light and delicious!" , "School teachers comment that children came back for more helpings and rarely do they see that happening for other cakes".

Health - Our bakes are not too sweet as we always try to minimise the amount of sugar in our bakes without compromising the taste. We also do not use any artificial sweeteners. Feedback from customers have been consistent for our cakes, macarons, cookies, cupcakes that we use good quality and fresh ingredients beneficial to health.

Latest News

Drop us a PM or send us an email at hello@bakeavenue.com if you would like to place any customised orders. We are currently only accepting orders with collection dates only from Aug to Dec 2022.

Do note that we are unable to accept any new orders with collection dates from 19-28 Nov. Sorry for any incoveniences caused.