1. How do I place an order?

For customised orders, you can drop us an email, facebook PM us or fill up our contact form at least 3 weeks in advance.  If it is less than 3 weeks, you can still check with us on our availability.

To help us serve you better and fasten our response to your order enquiries, we appreciate that you provide us with the collection date and time to check on our order availability.

Subsequently, for each type of orders, we appreciate the following info for us to provide the price quote.

  • Customised Cakes: Cake sizes are 6” to 10”, depending on type of cakes.
  • Standard Cakes: Cake sizes are 7” to 10”.
  • Customised or Theme Cupcakes: order is 20. Flavor is vanilla or chocolate. Each 20 pcs allows a flavor. Please provide us the theme you need and the qty.
  • Standard Cupcakes: order is 12. Flavor is vanilla or chocolate. Each 20 pcs allows a flavor.
  • Round Macarons: order is 12. Each dozen allows a flavor. Please state flavor and qty.
  • Customised Macarons: order for same design is 24. Each dozen allows a filling flavor. Please state design/theme and qty.
  • Pushpops: order is 20. Flavors are oreo, ombre, rainbow or red velvet. Min. order is 20 pcs. Please state theme, flavor and qty.
  • Round butter cookies with customised theme: order is 20. Please state theme and qty.
  • For other items, please refer to the individual item page.


  1. How do we contact you for enquires/orders?

We only accept enquiries/orders through Email/ Facebook PM/ watsapp msg. As our service and baking team are made up of different people. We will need to keep track of all the enquiries and requests to ensure we do not missed out on any details.


  1. Can I place my orders via phone, whatsapps or at your shop?

Most of the time, we are occupied with baking and would not be able to answer calls. To ensure quality of our bakes, we try to minimise distractions while baking. Through email or FB PM or watsapp msg, we can attach pictures and information easily. We can also answer all your questions with detailed information whenever we are available.


  1. Do you have a price list to send to us ?

Our ombre cakes prices are between $68-$108. Rainbow cakes are between $98-$128. Standard cake prices are between $45-$160, depending on sizes and type of cakes.

Most of our bakes are customised orders and every customer may request for different items for their orders. Different type or flavors of cakes will have different cost.  For standard bakes pricing, you can refer to our Online Shop items.


  1. What cake size do I need for my guests? I need a 2kg cake but you provide me size of cake instead !

We do not sell our cake by weight as it is not an accurate gauge as different types of cakes can vary in weight even if they are the same size due to ingredient contents. You may want to refer to this pax guide for reference.

  • 6” : 6-10 pax
  • 7" : 10-12pax
  • 8" : 15-18 pax
  • 9" : 20-30 pax
  • 10" : 30-40 pax

** Do note the above is a guide, and still dependent on how you slice the cake, for photo taking purposes or whether you need extra pieces.

  1. How long can my orders last?

We recommend that all orders be consumed immediately to ensure optimum quality. If you need to keep them for a longer period, please ensure all the bakes are kept in boxes.

  • Cakes – 3 days in the fridge
  • Cupcakes – 3 days in the fridge
  • Macarons – 7 days in the fridge
  • Pushpops – 3 days in the fridge
  • Tarts – airtight containers, 3 days in fridge

**Do note the above is a guide, actual days of storage is dependent on fridge temperature and storage containers.

  1. Why are your delivery charges higher than standard express couriers?

We use reliable, specialised and experienced food delivery vendors who take special precaution and care to deliver your delicate baked items in good condition. Many of these vendors have been with us for years. 

Finding reliable vendors to deliver to the Town/CBD/West regions of Singapore remains a challenge, thus the premium charges apply for these areas. 



  1. Self-collection is available from Blk 6 Hougang Ave 3, during opening hours (please check with us).
  2. Delivery to a single location is free for orders above $500.
  3. Delivery charges is $28 within Singapore, except for West regions ($30), CBD/Town areas ($32-$36), Sentosa ($35), Tuas ($38) and Jurong Island.
  4. West Regions (except Tuas) - Postal Code with first 2 digits: 58/59/60/61/62/64/65/66/67/68/69/70/71 
  5. Delivery to CBD during peak hours (8-1030am and 430-7pm) is $36 while delivery to CBD during non peak hours is $32. 
  6. Delivery timing is available only within a range of time (between 1-2 hours). Earliest delivery is 830-930am. Latest delivery is 6-7pm. 
  7. Delivery timing depends on delivery driver's availability.
  8. Once the cake has been collected or delivered, we will bear no responsibility to any damage to the cake thereafter.

CLASSES (Ceased)

  1. How to Register for Baking Classes ?

Option 1: Please email to hello@bakeavenue.com with the following information for registration of class.
- Class Name
- Date and Time of Class
- Student Name
- Contact Number
- Email Address
- *Any Remarks

(You can book for multiple students under one registration. However, do include the details of the other students in the same email)

Option 2: Go to our Classes category and just register online !

ii) We will try our best to reply the class availability and payment details within a day.

iii) We will send you a confirmation email upon receiving payment.


  1. What is provided in the class?

The class fees include all recipes, ingredients to be used, baking equipment, utensils and packaging required.


  1. How many pax will there be in a class?

All classes will commence only with minimum registration of 3 students up to a maximum of 8 students.


  1. I am unable to come for class at the last minute. Can I get a refund?

If you are unable to attend class at the last minute, you can choose to get a replacement student yourself. Unfortunately, we would not be able to do a refund. Alternatively, you can choose to change to another class of the same value for one-time (subject to availability). No refund difference will be provided if you change to a class of lesser value. If you are unable to turn up for your replacement class as well, your class fees will be forfeited. We will allow a one-time replacement class within three months from original class date. Replacement class is subject to confirmed class and availability. Final decision for replacement class will be with BakeAvenue.


  1. Is this a demo or hands-on class?

All our classes will involve some hands-on practice. However please refer to our individual class description. Some parts of the classes may be demo-only by instructor due to time constraint. This will vary from class to class.


  1. Do I get to bring home my bakes?

Yes, you will get to bring home your individual hands-on bakes. Please refer to our individual class description to check the actual bakes you can bring home. This will vary from class to class.


  1. Do you conduct private classes?

Yes we do. We would need a min. of 3 students to conduct a private class at your preferred date/timing, but subject to our availability. However, if you wish to have a one-to-one class, we do conduct as well but the fees will be much higher. Please drop us an email separately to check with us.