Pokeball Cake Baking Class

Pokeball Cake Baking Class

At BakeAvenue, we try to be at the forefront of baking trends. Following up on our very popular Cake classes, we are adding an exciting new Pokeball design Cake class. This cake require delicate pipping skills, as well as different combination of colours. Made with layers of soft sponge cake, our Pokeball cakes not only look good, they also taste fabulous with the luscious sponged cakes coupled with sinfully good whipped cream.

Class Type:
Sponge Cake Baking (In Pairs)
Pokeball Design Decoration (Individual Hands On)
$100 (Adult)
$50 (Child, 4-12 Yrs)

Class Size: 3 to 8

Date and Time:

* Printed Recipes
* 6" Self Decorated Pokemon Cake (Adult)
* 6" Self Decorated Pokemon Cake (Adult + Child)
* 2 x 6" Self Decorated Pokemon Cakes (Adult + 2 Children)

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